Botox® for Jaw Slimming + Contouring

(Masseter Reduction)

 Photo Credit:  Allergan, Plc

Photo Credit:  Allergan, Plc


About Botox® for Jaw Slimming + Reduction (Masseter Reduction):

Over activity of the masseter muscle can lead to hypertrophy of the muscle and a squaring of the jawline itself.  While some patients just happen to have a more pronounced masseter muscle, some patients have hypertrophy to the muscle do to constant chewing on hard items, excessive gum chewing, and grinding of their teeth.  

In this procedure, Botox® is injected into the muscles of the jaw (masseter muscle) to reduce an overly square jawline, to a more round/oval appearance.  This leads to a more gentle appearance to the face that many patients desire.  Initially, 20-28 units of Botox® are injected into each muscle at 5-7 different injection sites (40-56 units total).  After their first treatment, patients will return in 6 weeks to see if additional units of Botox® are needed for the desired results. 

Number of treatments:  

Botox® injections into the masseter muscle last an average of 4-6 months*.  Patients should schedule a repeat treatment once they notice the shape of their face changing again.  Time between treatments will increase as the number of treatments increases.  

Appointment Time (may vary):

The procedure takes around 30 minutes


None. Bruising or redness at the injection site may be noted after treatment

Ideal Candidate: 

Patients with a squared jawline, secondary to hypertrophy of the muscles of the jaw (masseter), who desire a more round/oval appearance of the face/jaw.