Facial Rejuvenation

 Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela


About Facial Rejuvenation:

The Nd:YAG, Alexandrite, or the PicoWay Resolve lasers are used, depending on skin type and results desired, to deliver high intensity energy to the skin. This leads to controlled collagen contraction, as well as new collagen production.  There is also an increase in elastin production.  This leads to skin tightening and decrease in rhytids (wrinkles).  The laser also targets the pigmented lesions that are seen with age and sun damage, thus leading to the removal of these spots.  Patients will begin to see results with the loss of the pigments lesions in the first few days, but the increase in skin tightening takes a few weeks to become evident.  They will continue to see results over 2-3 months after treatment is finished.

Prior to treatment, the face will be anesthetized with a numbing cream that takes 30-45 minutes to fully take effect.  After numbing, the face will be cleaned and the laser treatment can begin.  Patients will still notice some discomfort during the procedure, but it is greatly reduced with the use of the topical lidocaine.  

Number of treatments:

Optimal results with skin tightening are seen after three treatments that are separated by 4 weeks.  Patients can schedule follow up treatments as needed, once the first 3 treatments are completed. 

Appointment Time (may vary):

1 hour total - 45 minutes for numbing cream and 15 minutes for the procedure. 


Patients will notice redness for 20-30 minutes after the procedure and slight warmth to the face for that time frame as well.  Patients should avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks after treatment.   Also, patients should not have had any prolonged sun exposure for the 4 weeks prior to treatment. 

Ideal Candidate:

Patients who wish to see improvement in the tone of the skin of their face, as well as improvements in fine lines, coloration, and age spot reduction.