Laser Vein Therapy

 Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela


About Laser Vein Therapy:

Treatment with the Nd:YAG laser allows for reduction in varicose veins and spider veins up to 3mm wide. The laser targets the oxyhemoglobin in the blood and leads to to transfer of energy to the vein wall, or thrombosis of the vein.  The end result is remodeling that leads to problematic vein resolution. It takes, on average, 12 weeks for the vein to undergo full resolution after treatment.   This technique is also a great adjunct to patients who have previously undergone sclerotherapy, but have developed "matting" (new telangiectasias around injection sites) after. 

While sclerotherapy is considered the "gold standard" for superficial vein treatment, there are many patients that benefit from laser vein therapy. Patients with small veins not easily cannulated with a needle, veins below the ankle, failed sclerotherapy, and needle-phobic patients are all great candidates. It is also often used in conjunction with sclerotherapy to get the best results. 

Number of treatments:  

Approximately 3 treatment sessions are required with intervals of 1-2 months between procedures.

Appointment Time (may vary):

15-30 minutes per session


None. Patients may notice some discomfort at the site of treatment, but that should resolve in 1-2 hours.

Ideal Candidate: 

Patients with noticeable and concerning varicose and spider veins of the lower extremities that are 3mm or less in width.