PicoWay Advanced Tattoo Removal

 Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

About PicoWay Advanced Tattoo Removal:

PicoWay represents the newest and best technology in tattoo removal.  With this system the number of treatments is lowered, the results are far superior, and the pain is significantly less.  All skin tones can be treated, as well as the vast majority of tattoo colors; both professional and amateur.  

The PicoWay laser utilizes both 532 and 1064 wavelengths to allow treatment of all skin tones, as well as most tattoo colors.  There will be the addition of the 785 wavelength soon that will allow for the addition of inks in green tones.  The laser utilizes picosecond technology to deliver focused and fast light pulses to the tattoo to break up the ink particles.  This energy leads to the ink being small enough for your body to remove through cells known as macrophages.  These quick pulses also allow for the treatment to be the most comfortable of any of the tattoo removal systems.  

On average patients will require 3-6 treatments for full removal if the tattoo if it is was done by a tattoo professional, and 2-3 treatments if done by an amateur.  Some patients may notice some hyperpigmentation after the tattoo is removed, but that resolves after a few months and can even be shortened with a technique known as dermaplaning.  The end result is removal of the tattoo without scarring.

Number of treatments:

3-6 treatments on average.  Treatments are scheduled in 8-10 week intervals. 

Appointment Time (may vary):

Depends on the size of the tattoo being treated, but most can be treated in 10-20 minutes.  Numbing cream will be applied before to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, but some time will be needed for it to take effect.  


None.  Patients will have some feeling of residual heat for a few hours after the treatment, and dressing changes are required for the first 36 hours.  You can return to normal activities right after treatment, but should avoid vigorous exercise for 36 hours.   You must avoid prolonged sun exposure 4 weeks before, and 4 weeks after treatment.  

Ideal Candidate:

Any patient that wishes to have their tattoo removed.