UltraShape Power

 Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

Photo Credit:  Syneron-Candela

About Ultrashape:

UltraShape Power utilizes the newest innovation in non-invasive fat reduction to deliver the highest percentage of fat loss of any noninvasive fat reduction treatment available. Treatments can be provided to the fat of the abdomen, flanks (love handles), and thighs. UltraShape works by emitting focused ultrasonic energy into the subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth. Fat cell destruction occurs by using mechanical energy (ultrasonic) to cause cell lysis, and without causing injury to the surrounding tissue. The fat cell death is permanent and your body utilizes its normal processes to clear the fat released from the procedure. The fat metabolites are processed by the liver in the same manner as fat originating from digested food. 

On average, patients see a reduction of 4-6cm after three treatments with FDA clearance for 32% fat reduction* (Amir, 2016) in the treatment area. Fat reduction becomes noticeable after 2 weeks and continues for 12 weeks after treatment*. This leads to a gradual reduction in fat.  No post-procedure garments are required and intra-procedure discomfort is non-existent.

Number of treatments:

Number of treatments: optimal results are obtained with three treatments that are spaced in 2 week intervals. Results can be seen after one treatment as well.

Appointment Time (may vary):

1 hour per treatment session


None. Patients are able to return to normal activity the same day of the procedure.

Ideal Candidate:

Candidates for UltraShape include patients with a BMI under 35, who are active and eat a healthy diet. Targeted areas can be treated and lead to great results. While all patients with excess body fat will see results, those with the above criteria will see the most dramatic results.


*32% Clearance supported by clinical studies.
Ruthie Amir, M.D., U.S. Food and Drug Administration, "A Single-Center, Controlled Study to Assess the Effectiveness and Safety of the UltraShape Power® System Using U-Sculpt Power Transducer for Abdominal Non-Invasive Fat Reduction."
*As with any medical procedure, results may vary for different patients.
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